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Vegetabags extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables
Save money and avoid waste with Vegetabags®!
Do not throw away your fruits and vegetables after a few days ...

  • Vegetabags® are composed of minerals, 100% natural and non-toxic, capable of absorbing and eliminating ethylene gas, responsible for the rotting process, released by fruits and vegetables. (see advice for use)

  • Vegetabags® also allow vitamins to be stored longer and maintain an ideal humidity level so that fruits and vegetables stay crunchy longer.

  • Vegetabags® also work on freshly cut flowers and herbs.

  • Each Vegetabags® is reusable and washable up to 10 times.


How does it work ?

Each Vegetabags® is made up, in part, of 100% natural and non-toxic minerals capable of absorbing the ethylene gas responsible for the rotting of fruits and vegetables.

Some tips for use:

Products (fruits, vegetables or flowers) must be dry before being placed in the Vegetabags®. Once purchased (or harvested) put your products inside the bag. If you want to wash them before putting them inside, remember to dry them well.


Use one bag per type of product (one bag for strawberries, one for carrots, ... do not mix fruits / vegetables inside the same bag; a variety of fruit or vegetable can accelerate ripening from the other fruit or vegetable in the bag).


Fold the top of the bag to close or use small ties provided for this purpose. Each Vegetabags® is reusable and washable up to 10 times

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